I graduated from polytechnic to be a fashion designer at the age of 29. I was interested in the industry, but when I graduated I realized that it was not appreciated. I also experienced tremendous frustration with the wasted years. The difficult and complicated paths of my life so far, which had been full of violence, bitterness, panic disorders, uncertainty and anger, continued.

However, fate led me to the upholstery industry. After ten years of entrepreneurship, the fire for upholstery work waned. A great power for creativity took over my heart. I wanted change, I wanted to fulfill myself, not the wishes of others. I had something to say. The visible and inner scars of my life began to heal and the difficulties started to turn away. I wound love. An insecure, battered person finally hatched as a cheerful, vibrant and confident woman, a head full of ideas. After many years of searching, I found my creativity and significance in the fashion industry, and so the PL PÄIVI LARTAMA Collection, a protected brand, was born in 2018.


The prints of the fabrics in the collection have been inspired by the human mind: anger, ruthlessness, despair, fear, courage, joy, alive. Inspired by mental health.

The collections are inspired by Nordic aesthetics, clear and simple. Finnish beautiful melancholy versus hilarity and empowerment. They have the hues of life: hardness, but also a beautiful and happy mind and honest Finnish design.

Päivi Lartama Collection's outfits can be easily combined into different sets.

The eco fashion is taken into consideration in the choice of materials and the clothes are produced in small batches to prevent the production of new textile waste.

Muotoilija Päivi Lartama
Muotoilija Päivi Lartama