We inspire to wear clothes that matters.

THE WEARABLE ART GALLERY. ART GOES FASHION.  We want to offer deeper meanings for your clothing choices. The patterns and figures are based on the art of Päivi Lartama. Through art, we want to create images of eg courage, authenticity, strength or just any movement of the mind. Our mission is to encourage you to find and carry yourself just the way you are. Stand out. Be rare, be bold.

In addition to these, PL Päivi Lartama® brand was born out of the need to design and manufacture high-quality clothing for awake consumers for whom environmental friendliness is important. We operate on the principle of sustainable development, ethically and ecologically. Honesty, authenticity and straightforwardness are our values both at the various stages of design and in the transparency of the production chain.

We manufacture products in Finland and Estonia, fabrics are printed in Italy, for high quality materials. Clothes are versatile and they last time and can be worn in both summer and winter. The designs are simple with a bold twist.